London Olympics Hotels


Tips for finding London Olympics Hotels

In few months the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be here. The London 2012 Olympics will starts from 27 July and will continue till 12 August. This would be a grant sports event that the world has ever witnessed. The "Square Mile" city in London is in great preparations and almost all plans are completed. Many events will held in Greater London, which includes locations such as Wimbledon, Royal Artillery Barracks, Horse Guards Parade, Regents Park and Wembley Arena. People from all over the world will gather to witness this grand event where world's top Sportsmen will compete for the best sports award. During Paralympics and Olympics it is possible that all types of accommodation will be in short supply or else expensive in London. In order to enjoy this special event you should follow some tips during your London Olympics 2012 trip.

London 2012 Olympics Hotels
Book before time

If you are planning to visit London to watch 2012 Olympics then the first thing you should take in consideration is to book for hotels as early as possible to avoid last minute disappointment.  Before booking for accommodation take some time and compare prices of rental homes as well as hotels by going through different websites on the internet that offers the best deal .  To find the best hotels in London 2012 Olympics you can check the website where you can find a good deal on flat rentals which are located near by the Olympic stadium.

List events to be attended

As different Olympics events will be conducted in various cities of London it becomes essential for you to check whether the venue of the event which you are planning to attend has hotels or rentals flats nearby or has a good means to it. Try to book hotels at earliest for your convenience. This will save your time and you can enjoy your Olympic events without any hassle. If you are going to attend an Olympics football event in Newcastle and Cardiff then you can easily acquire tickets and accommodation close to the place. If you have already planned to stay in Central London then try to grab hotels as soon as possible which are nearby to the venue before they are all booked.

Try to stay outside the city centre

People from different countries will gather up for the London 2012 Olympics so it is very difficult to get a bed in any hotels, hostels or other rentals flats in the city centre as they all will be booked up and will be much expensive. In this situation it is better to stay out from the city centre and travel in for the event. There are many places outside London where you can stay and are close to lots of Olympics event. Oxford, Paris, Brighton and Brussels are some places where you can stay and easily reach to the venue of the event for which you have tickets. You can also book hotels near to the bus stations or train like Reading so that the distance to get to the Olympics venue might not be too long. 

Check for other cancellations 

If you find yourself without accommodation till the start of the games don't get disappointed. Try to check websites or give a ring to the hotel in which you want to stay and inquire for any cancellations. You can also search out for old friends address and contact number to whom you haven't talked for years who stays in London.